Sunday, March 13, 2011

YouTube University... more debauchery?

YouTube has created a YouTube Creator Institute to teach people how to produce better videos. I think this is much needed - I applaud YouTube in this effort. Particularly if they focus their efforts on teaching aspiring video producers how to create video that goes beyond basic self aggrandizement such as the Fred Videos and moves those producers toward helping others learn and grow as individuals (more like the help with a bow drill set). (Oh, who knows - maybe FRED has taught someone something or helped someone out - probably).

As they state it, "the YouTube Creator Institute equips promising creators with tools, education and promotion to bring their talent to the world." They are running a contest that rewards the inaugural winning class a paid YouTube Creator Institute experience including: tuition, round-trip airfare, food and rooming costs. I just hope that the judges reward innovation and not more cultural debauchery.

Maybe I should submit... what do you think?  What would it be? Anybody have any ideas?


monika hardy said...

yes submit. no doubt.

James Folkestad said...

You should have your students submit.

Jodhbir said...

An interting idea would be:

How can one use the power of networks through internet to connect and learn.

I wish they allowed non-residents too :(