What is Edgility?

Edge and agility have been combined here to create edgility. Edgility is your capacity to leverage networks (edge power) to innovate (learn) and efficiently respond (being agile) to a rapidly changing world. If someone tells you that you need to increase your edgility – they are simply suggesting that you need to work within ecosystems designed for innovation (doing innovation) because these types of spaces allow you to get better faster (to learn at today’s pace).

What is Edge Power?
Internet networks give us Edge Power. Edge Power is the power to build trusted relationships unconstrained by artificial boundaries (education level, location, workplace, etc.). The power to find people who share our interests and our passions. This power, if harnessed, affords us quality information and a place to thrive. The challenge is in its newness – we must learn to find these spaces and cultivate them.

Why a blog?
This blog (edgilityblog.com) is intended to foster a conversation about practical ways that you can leverage the power-of-networks to increase your Edgility.

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