Sunday, January 10, 2010

David Warlick's ideas on literacy true in 2006 and today!

I was invited to attend David Warlick's presentation at the Thompson School District yesterday. To say the least David inspired me with several concepts related to learning and 21st century literacy. Here is a list of several items I took from his presentation.
  • Stop integrating technology and start integrating literacy
  • Literacy today is not simply about reading, writing, and mathematics but about investigating those subjects in an digital environment
  • This investigation can include URL backtracking, large dataset investigation, multimedia communication, and a growing list of others
  • We are all competing for attention - students must learn to attract attention with their innovative and creative ideas
The statement that truly resonated with me as an educator and as a father was that, "their is no excuse for students not having access to digital content and media." His statement was in response to several complaints about limited access within the Loveland schools.

I have been following David Warlick ever since his keynote speech at the 2006 K-12 online conference. He was absolutely correct then... and he continues to make a compelling case that we are behind - my question is when is our country and our schools going to "get with it" and make the changes that are necessary? It is unfair to our students and to their future to educate them for our fathers future.

We need to redefine literacy - thank you David Warlick.

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