Thursday, November 19, 2009

Collective presenations

I have been attending the LearnTrends 2009 conference for the past few days. I am intrigued by a process that George Siemens was using to conduct his online presentation. He wanted to move from being the "sage-on-the-stage" to more of a collaborative presentation tapping into the collective intelligence of the online LearnTrends crowd (around 120 attending at the time). Basically George used several blank slide titled with questions and then opened up the "white board" in Elluminate letting everyone contribute to the conversation and therefore presentation.

While viewing the live demonstration a participant shared this blog post on the process. Within this post titled "Presenting with live slides" Dave (the author) provides a brief theoretical background and a detailed description of the process including a video of the live presentation.

This is a simple process that is experimental. I believe this process shows us what leading thinkers (like Siemens and Cross) on collaborative learning are doing and what the next tools and processes may be in increasing our ability to learn and innovate (Edgility) using collaboration.

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