Monday, April 7, 2008

Social bookmarking explained

Everyone bookmarks things they like on the Web. However, finding new quality content can be overwhelming and we know that we are missing good stuff. No one individual has the time to search for and qualify everything that is being produced and shared on the Web. Social bookmarking is one tool that can help you solve this problem. Watch Social Bookmarking in Plain English for a basic understanding of social bookmarking and then start using a tool like Delicious. If you joined Delicious - you are now a part of a learning community. By sharing what you see, you are contributing to that community, and you have an opportunity to learn through the community by seeing what others found to be important. Be patient, your learning community will improve as you find individuals that are providing relevant and worthwhile content. Keep watching those individuals and stop watching those individuals that are producing things of little value. It's that easy...

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